Welcome to Eye for Detail Photography

Eye For Detail Photography is a small, professional photography company that dreams big! How big? Well, our tagline is “The World is our Studio!” True, that is a description of our love of shooting outdoors; rather than putting our clients into a box, we want to take them to the tops of mountains and to the base of waterfalls, to capture them in epic, outdoor locations, though we are equally comfortable inside as out.

We provide photographic services to the BC and Alberta Peace regions, from Grande Prairie to Fort St. John, from capturing the entire region for the Regional District to shooting intimate family weddings. Our goal is to not just capture the visual, but the visceral: to capture the emotions and intensity of life. The goal is not to create pretty pictures, but pictures that viewers feel. That stir an emotional response.

We specialize in people pictures: grads, wedding couples and moms-to-be, but love to be challenged, to create art out of individuals, to capture images as unique as you are.

If you are graduating and are looking for someone to take creative grad photos, click here.

If you are planning on getting married and don’t want just someone there to click a shutter, but to capture your relationship and the experience of the day, click here.

If you are having a baby, and want to remember these precious few months of your pregnancy, click here.

Or, if you are looking for epic portraits that are as unique as you are, click here.

And, if you’re looking for our latest work, as well as my occasional musings on life, the universe and everything, click here.